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Preserved Beets

Sorry, guys, we wanted to upload this sooner. We should have uploaded it 6 months ago. I guess you can watch it in autumn ­čśé Cheers!

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1 kg (2.2 lb.) boiled beets
1 cup (250 ml; 8.5 fl. oz.) fresh sour apple juice
1 tsp. salt (or to taste)

1. Pour apple juice to the pot and bring it boiling.
2. Clean beets in the water. Grate then and mix them with apple juice.
3. Sterilize jars and lids in the oven.
4. Once the beets are boiling, fill the jars with beets, cover the jars tightly with the lids, turn them over, put them in a cold place for future consumption.


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Vakuoti burokai

M┼źs┼│ knygos  Tapkite m┼źs┼│ r─Śm─Śju

1 kg (2,2 svaro) virt┼│ burok─Śli┼│
1 puodelio (250 ml; 8,5 fl. uncijos) ┼ívie┼żi┼│ r┼źg┼í─Źi┼│ obuoli┼│ sul─Źi┼│
1 a. š. druskos (arba pagal skonį)

1. ─« puod─ů supilkite obuoli┼│ sultis ir u┼żvirkite.
2. Nuvalykite burok─Ślius vandenyje. Tada sutarkuokite ir sumai┼íykite juos su obuoli┼│ sultimis.
3. Sterilizuokite stiklainius ir dangtelius orkait─Śje.
4. Kai burok─Śliai u┼żvirs, u┼żpildykite stiklainius burok─Śliais, stipriai u┼żsukite dangteliais, apverskite stiklainius, pad─Śkite ─» ┼íalt─ů viet─ů vartojimui v─Śliau.