Shopping in our store is very easy!

Here is an easy instruction how to proceed:
1. Choose an item you like.
2. Choose features and quantity.
3. Add it to the cart.
4. Sign up if you want.
6. Choose payment type (direct bank transfer, PayPal/credit card or Paysera)
7. Choose delivery.
8. Make payment.
9. Receive your item*.

This is an example of email for downloading the eBooks you are going to get after a successful payment.

*If you are buying digital content (eBooks) and using PayPal/credit card or Paysera as payment type, you will receive a link to your email to download our digital content immediately after you pay. If you are using direct bank transfer, you will have to wait a couple of days before I see money in my bank account. Once I see the money in my bank account, I will send you a link to your email to download our digital content.

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