Do It Yourself (DIY) as much as possible #2



In this blog post I will briefly explain why you should do as much job as possible yourself.

Two of the most important things you have to take into account when doing something yourself is that you don’t have to pay for services either that’s a website building or preparing an office in our garage. By doing yourself you save money and usually a lot.

More importantly without trying to accomplish something, you don’t even know what needs to be done. What I mean by that is you lose a lot of comprehension in your industry if you don’t try it first. If you don’t try, let’s say, taking pictures of your products you might even won’t know what you need from the photographer if you hire him.

Don’t get me wrong, if your business is growing you will need to hire someone eventually, yet with your knowledge from doing your own accounting or anything else you will be able to both hire a better worker and teach him if needed!

Furthermore, you should always want to be deeply involved in all aspects of your business.


Take care,



Website, Etsy shop, pictures and everything by Romas except for the products which are made by my father. Haha!


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