How print to extremely cheaply? #1

First of all, thank you for checking out our first blog post. We appreciate that 🙂


In this post we will briefly explain how we print extremely cheaply. This way of printing works on many printers, but I will go into more detail with our setup. At the end we will also compare the prices of printing at the printing office and what we pay.


You will need four things: a printer, refillable cartridges, ink and some syringes.


We bought one of the cheapest printers available Epson Expression Home XP-245 from Amazon. 39.90 £ (46.07 €) with shipping.

Refillable ink cartridges 4 T2991 29XL T2994 Refillable ink cartridges for Epson XP245 XP-435 XP445 xp-245 XP-235 XP-332 XP-247 with auto reset chips 29 from AliExpress. 19.95 $ (17.25 €) with shipping. These cartridges only work with certain printers!

Ink from . Link for reference only, at this point you have to ask for universal ink or pick your brand ink. We just want to point out that we received the ink the next day. Great service from e-kasetes.lt18.79 € with shipping.

4 syringes. Let’s say, 1.00 €. Probably less.

That comes to a  total of 83.11 €.


With refillable ink cartridges you will be able to refill them using cheap ink. Once the printer gives you a message that the ink cartridge needs to be changed, you need to take out refillable cartridge and fill it to the full and put it back into the printer. Auto reset chip in the cartridge “will make” the cartridge full again. Please note, that you should always refill the cartridges after taking them out as the printing on no ink can damage the printer.

To be honest it can be a bit messy while refilling, but if you are careful it will be fine.


It is a bit messy


Now. Price comparison. We printed 360 colour pages of high coverage with about 50 percent of our ink.

Equivalent of 360 A4 sheets.  Even sheets on the right are not entirely white on most of the area
I think it’s fair to say that we used 50 percent of the ink as the cartridges in the printer still have some ink left

We printed on better quality paper sheets, but we will calculate as if they were printed on simple office paper.


Copy1 asks for 0.72 € per page. That equals to 0.72*360=259.20 €


Let’s say we bought 500 sheets of office paper for 4.00 €. That’s 2.88 € for 360 sheets.

64.32 € for printer, cartridges and syringes.

8.63 € for half of the ink.

Total of 75.83 € or 0.2106 € per page. 3.4 times cheaper than printing office!


But let’s say we have a printer, refillable cartridges and some syringes. So, we are only paying for the ink and the paper.

2.88 € for 360 sheets.

8.63 € for half of the ink.

Total of 11.51 € or 0.0320 € per page! For a colour page of high coverage! 22.5 times cheaper than printing office!



It is true, that this way of printing is a bit messy, but if you want to print 22.5 times cheaper, you should definitely look into this way of printing! In real life the price of printing will be higher than 0.0320 € per page as the the cost of the printer has to be included, but we don’t know when it’s going to brake down and cannot tell how many pages it will print. At this point, it has already paid off for itself!


Updated 2018-01-19.

Made this table to show the price of printing if the printer brakes down at 500, 1000 and so on sheets.

The price of printing if the printer brakes down at 500, 1000 and so on sheets


Take care,

Romas Gaučas


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